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The swiss49ers services are based upon software tools from the following partners:

FDM Computer Systems of multiple FDM software providers

The market leading Flight Data Monitoring tools for small and large airlines customers offers fleet type independant analysis. Over 2000 aircraft are processed world-wide using event and snapshot detection software which calculates facts & figures far beyond flight safety events.

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VISION 3D Flight Animation by Teledyne Controls Simulation,

The most superior flight anmiation software with high-qualitiy flight path reconstruction that even a landing flare can be replayed in such proper quality that pilots can learn from it. Very comprehensive and close to the real world cockpit instruments make it even more valuable for debriefings.

Google Earth by Google Inc.

The best animated picture of the earth can be combined with flight and showing events in space. All interactively underlined with highest quality of satellite images and continuously updated with new objects like airspace structures, bulidings and other geographical information of interest.

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goto Laminar Research X-Plane by Laminar Research

X-Plane is the market leading flight simulation software on the comsumer market. Thus it has a huge library of real world airport models, simulates weather and airport lightening in an beaten quality. Its superior mathematical models to simulate aerodynamics makes it an interesting add-on for a flight data replay of selected non-routine occurences.

To use the right tool at the right time is important in the whole life. The swiss49ers know the differences and are able to apply these software pieces efficiently for YOUR needs.YOU don't need to buy them, but YOU can have the produced results.
Marcel AMHERD, swiss49er

Teledyne VISION
Google Earth

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