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The FDM Computer System used for flight data processing is amongst the market leading systems for FLIGHT DATA MONITORING. Its architecture and library capabilities turn it into a strategic tool for top-level corporate decision making. Based on the flight data available and swiss49er know how we deliver facts & figures for Flight Safety (FOQA), OPS efficiency, Aircraft Maintenance (MOQA) and even Flight Data Research.

YOU have a question today -> within hours swiss49ers will find out what the answer is based on the historical flight data.

YOU choose individual service modules to keep costs low for your company or pay per analysis only.

Improve the return-on-ivnvest (ROI) for YOUR company by using YOUR Flight Data Monitoring system far beyond Flight Safety. As someone responsible for Flight Safety YOU will become a central point of knowlegde able to answer any flight data related question from top management.
Marcel AMHERD, swiss49er

Flight Data Monitoring service
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